Evpatoria: great family vacation, treatment, recovery

Evpatoria: great family vacation, treatment, recovery
Evpatoria attracts fans of the Crimean holiday and those who have visited the wonderful city at least once. It is impossible not to fall in love with the velvety sunny beaches on the Kalamitsky Bay, the fragrant wind coming from the steppe expanses, the sea breezes gently refreshing on a sultry day. 

The shallow, comfortable beaches of Yevpatoria are ideal for children.

The infrastructure of the resort is universal:

  • it is convenient for family people here;

  • you can be treated;

  • calmly for those who decided to take a break from work and fuss;

  • fun for young people;

  • there are classes for athletes and active vacationers.

It is inexpensive to have a rest in Yevpatoria, but at the same time there are all opportunities for treatment: 

  • sterile air;

  • healing mud of the famous lakes Yaly-Moynak, Sasyk-Sivash and Otar-Moynak; 

  • comfortable climate without pressure drops and sudden temperature drops

Hospitals, numerous sanatoriums, children's complexes have been built here.


Even if you decide to improve your health, it is not necessary to buy a ticket to a health resort. You can make a treatment program yourself, having secured the advice of your attending physician in advance: go to the Sivash Bay and mud lakes, drink mineral water in the city's free pump room (you will find it at the intersection of Frunze Street with Lenin Avenue).

Local boarding houses offer any programs for "coming" vacationers. You can sign up for hydro and aroma massage, undergo aromatherapy sessions, attend therapeutic "pearl" baths. Yevpatoria offers baths and saunas, wellness centers, beauty salons, beauty salons, herbal baths. These opportunities and services are provided to vacationers for a fee, but they are inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

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