Evpatoria sights - what is worth seeing?

Evpatoria sights - what is worth seeing?

Yevpatoria is considered one of the most ancient cities of the Crimean peninsula. That is why everyone who comes here on vacation does not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with local attractions. After all, there are a lot of them here. And every object of historical significance fills visitors with a good charge of positive mood.

A guided tour of Yevpatoria should start from the embankment of Tereshkova. Walking along the seashore and inhaling the tart-salty aroma of the local air, you can admire the snow-white yachts standing near the yacht club. It is likely that this sight will inspire you to take a boat trip under blown sails.

If you turn around on the opposite side of the embankment, then one of the buildings of the Orbita boarding house will appear in all its glory in front of you. It is he who is destined to become the crowning object of the coastal part of Yevpatoria. The building itself has been standing here since pre-revolutionary times. But today the most luxurious hotel in the city, the Beau—Rivage, has settled in it.

Other interesting sights of Yevpatoria are the mosque, the Cathedral and the Old Town.

It makes no sense to stay near the hotel for a long time, because literally at a distance of three meters from the historical building stands the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. This is the main shrine of Yevpatoria. And one building away from the great temple is the Juma-Jami Mosque, recognized as an architectural monument of world significance. Well, to get to the heart of Yevpatoria from here, it will be enough to bypass the mosque and go deep into Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. There you will see a pavement, ancient frescoes and strange paintings that involuntarily transfers consciousness to an era of another time. 

One of the most striking monuments of Yevpatoria, which have survived to the present day since the Middle Ages, are the remains of the Gozlev Gate. Today, the national coffee shop is located in this building, which you can get inside by overcoming a massive staircase. 

Crossing the street from the Gozlev Gate, you will find the Tekie-Dervish complex. From the outside, it is almost unremarkable, but if you look inside, the picture will look completely different. 

Gorky Embankment, Duvanovskaya St. and pl. Theater

With a leisurely gait from the Tekie Dervish, you can go straight down to the sea. The road there leads along the street .Karaeva, and from there you can again proceed to the embankment. And if you are in the mood to ride the tram, then just a few stops will bring you back to the Theater Square of the city. 

  • An evening walk along Divanovskaya Street and the Yevpatoriysky spa hall can be very impressionable. There will be a lot of interesting things waiting for you here:
  • a glass pyramid hiding the excavations of an ancient city
  • the largest cannons preserved since the time of the Crimean warriors
  • and also, countless modern entertainment for every purse and taste. 

If you want to walk along the city beaches, you will find the way to the Fountain Square. In the summer, living statues become its additional decoration, with which you can take memorable photos. And just a dozen meters from the square, you can admire the bronze Hercules gazing into the depths of the sea

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