Water parks of Yevpatoria

Water parks of Yevpatoria

Yevpatoria is known not only for its coastal beaches and a large number of various boarding houses and sanatoriums, but also quite bright Crimean water parks. Until recently, in order to visit the water park, it was necessary to leave the city, but today there is an opportunity to get to such a place without additional effort. This is due to the fact that back in 2014 the water park opened right in the city, on Gorky Embankment. It is called "Near Lukomorye".


This water park the creators themselves call aqualand, and it is quite an unusual thematic complex. During the development of this unique place, which is sure to appeal to any child, the creators were inspired by Pushkin's fairy tales. It is for this reason that those people who decided to visit this water park immediately find themselves in a fairy-tale world. This world is guarded by a great hero, whose eyelids are raised in greeting during the day and lowered in the evening. 

This water park has a number of attractions that are designed for both children and adults.Among the latter, the following should be singled out separately: 

  • "Swan Princess";

  • "Snake Gorynych";

  • "Gorynych's tail".

An attraction called "Aquaplay" is especially popular among children. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure, this water park attracts a lot of people who like to enjoy its entertainment. 

It is also worth noting that all kinds of attractions that attract a lot of attention are not all that this water park can offer. In addition to entertainment in the water, you can also take quite a lot of different photos against the background of all kinds of fairy tale characters. Such photos are sure to be remembered by anyone, and children will especially like them! In addition, there are also various cafeterias and restaurants on the territory of the aquapark, where you can also have a great rest.


Another popular water park in Yevpatoria is the Banana Republic. It is the largest water park in the Crimea, so it is a must-visit! Its area is more than forty thousand square meters, and it has more than twenty-five different attractions! Currently, this water park has all the conditions for guests of all ages who will definitely want to return to this place again! 

The water park has all kinds of attractions that will delight both children and adults.

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