Excursions in the Crimea – the most interesting routes for travel

Excursions in the Crimea – the most interesting routes for travel

Dozens of fascinating tourist routes are laid on the territory of Yevpatoria and beyond. Thanks to sightseeing tours, you can discover the resort from a new side, get to know the culture and the centuries-old history of the peninsula.

The favorite tourist destination of many vacationers is the Chatyr Dagh caves. The picturesque mountain range is located in the southern part of the peninsula, and its plateau is replete with caves. The most unique of them is Marble. It is known all over the world and is one of the five most beautiful caves on the planet.

It is interesting to visit Bakhchisarai – a small ancient city with a subtle oriental flavor. Ancient buildings in Byzantine and Ottoman styles attract attention here. The main attraction is the palace of the Crimean Khans – Khansaray.

Another popular direction is Balaclava. This beautiful resort town is famous for the Genoese fortress and Balaklava Bay, located among the high mountains. Local restaurants are famous for their seafood dishes.

The variety of excursions in the Crimea is truly limitless: these are mountain beauties – plateaus, caves and gorges, historical sights, boat trips, places of religious pilgrimage, famous resorts, and even gastronomic tourism. 

You can pick up and book excursions in the Crimea at the tour desks located in the center and on the embankment of the resort, near the Liana hotel.  

Excursions around the Crimeaat

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